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Terms & Conditions

All bookings are subject to the following T&C's

Deposits & Cancellations


All bookings require a $40 non refundable booking fee upfront per person (40% for weddings). 


 This payment includes admin/booking fees & secures your booking, hence being non-refundable

If you do not send through proof of payment of your booking fee before the allocated time (eg. 24 hours) your spot is not secured & may go to someone else

All booking fees & payments are non-refundable under any circumstances. They may however be transferable if 72hrs + is given.


Please note: If Lateisha is unavailable for your new date, your booking fee will remain a credit for future use, please try give as much notice for rescheduling as possible. Any changes to appointments (eg, new date) will be re quoted 

Failure to give notice before 72hrs, your booking fee is forfeited & a new booking fee will be required when wanting to rebook

If you cancel your appointment in less than 24 hours, the FULL remaining total is to be paid. 

If you make any changes to the agreed upon booking/invoice (eg. removal of a person/service) a $50 fee will occur per service/pp cancelled. If you notify Lateisha of any changes to your booking within less then 72hrs to your appointment, full payment is required

If you are 15 minutes late, your appointment may be cancelled due to having back-to-back appointments & the full remainder is still to be paid

If you have a group booking, please ensure you are all there at the agreed upon time so that Lateisha is not waiting around. If Lateisha has to wait for 15 minutes or more, it will eat into your appointment time & the appointment may be cancelled due to having other bookings - the full remainder is still to be paid

Only CASH is to be accepted on the day unless discussed otherwise


Lateisha does NOT accept transfers on the day, if you need to transfer the remainder of payment for any given circumstance, please arrange with Lateisha to do so 3-7 days prior to appointment. For in studio appointments, eftpos is available though there is a 2% surcharge for all payments

All appointments must be confirmed - if you do not reply to the confirmation message sent out, Lateisha has the rights to refuse service

If you do not turn up to your appointment & do not reply or notify why this is the case, you will be banned from booking with Lateisha Beauty in future

Health & Hygiene

Due to COVID-19 safety measures please cancel your appointment if you:

- Have any flu-like symptoms, fever, dry cough etc

- Have been in contact with a positive Covid-19 case

- Waiting on Covid-19 test results

- Currently in a 7/14day quarantine

Please let Lateisha know ASAP to reschedule your appointment


If you have a cold sore, sty, conjunctivitis / any type of eye infection or concern, please get in contact to reschedule your appointment


If you or anyone else in your house hold has been sick in the past 24-48 hours, please get in contact - Lateisha will NOT conduct any services as this puts herself & her clients at risk. Failure to do so will result in your appointment being cancelled & full remaining payment to be made 


Lateisha has the rights to refuse service to adhere to the above mandatory conditions 


Any skin conditions must be reported prior to application of any service, Lateisha is not responsible for any skin reactions that are unlikely to occur.

Travel & Parking

Mobile services are available for a minimum 3 x people, or a minimum 3 x people charge (Hair & Makeup)

If required to travel, a travel & kit fee will apply to all bookings outside of the studio


If the location does not provide a parking space, parking costs must be covered on the day eg. hotel parking & meter parking

Brow & Lashes

Lateisha strives to ensure every client is happy & satisfied with their beauty enhancement & our service. Since beauty is highly subjective, Lateisha will always include an in-depth consultation before any treatment. All information & questions asked must be accurate & completed to the best of clients knowledge. If any information changes, client must mention to Lateisha prior to service. Client will waive all liabilities towards the technician for any injuries or damages that are unlikely to occur. 

Our provided consultations, treatments & aftercare are highly thorough, which means no refunds will be given under any circumstances for all services provided by Lateisha. This includes the unfortunate event of allergic reactions.

No refunds or returns on all beauty products due to health & safety standards (unless the product is deemed faulty by the manufacturer)

All aftercare & contraindications for brow / lash bookings are listed via our website. Lateisha will mention aftercare instructions that best suited for your service. If you decide to use products outside of what Lateisha has recommended, we cannot guarantee the side effects of those products towards our treatment.


Children in salon – we love kids, but unfortunately our salon is not a safe environment for you to bring infants/children as our treatments require you to be laying on the bed with your eyes closed. Lateisha cannot provide you the highest standard of service or a safe procedure when distracted with children in the treatment room (we use sharp objects near your eyes) 

Lateisha is confident that you will fall in love with your treatment, or she will fix them for free. If you are not 100% happy with your results, please notify Lateisha within 3 days of your original appointment & she will give you a free touch up service to ensure you are satisfied. If you contact Lateisha outside of the 3 days from original appointment, fees will apply

Preparation for serivce

Makeup wise


Please exfoliate your skin the night before & cleanse on the day - feel free to continue on with your normal skincare 


If you are getting a spray tan, please do not tan the face as this can disrupt the foundation

I advise not to get your brows or face waxed less than 5 days before your appointment as this can cause the makeup to not stick to certain parts of your face


I also recommend not having a lash lift prior to your appointment - if your lashes are too lifted falsies will not be applied


If you have lash extensions, please make sure they’re thoroughly cleaned before your appointment

Hair wise


Please wash & blow dry the day before to prepare for styling. If hair is too dirty, styling will not be performed

If you are applying clip in extensions, please ensure they too are thoroughly clean

Brows / Lashes

Please discontinue using any active skincare (eg retinol) as this will make you more sensitive to the wax etc

If you use a lash serum, please stop using 48hrs prior to your app

If possible, don't wear any makeup on your brows / lashes

And if you wear contacts, please remove them for the appointment as it can cause irritation

* Please advise Lateisha on any skin conditions, allergies or irritations towards certain products prior to application. Lateisha is not responsible for any reactions that are unlikely to occur



Please be respectful, Lateisha will not tolerate any rude or disrespectful clients

If you damage any of Lateisha's cosmetics, tools or equipment, client is to pay for a full replacement

Our prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

We reserve the right to change terms, conditions & policies at any time.

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